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{Book Club} Did God really say?

Welcome to Nettie’s Book Club! I am so excited to start reading our first book together.

This week we start with the introduction of Jared C. Wilson’s book “The Gospel According to Satan” which takes us on a discovery of the “Anatomy of a lie.”

Before the lie

In Genesis 3 the sneaky, sly serpent makes his first appearance in scripture. He tempts Eve, not with a blatant lie, but with a sly question:

“Did God really say”, he asked, “You can’t eat from any tree in the garden?”

Genesis 3:1

Did God really say?

Quote Did God really say

With this simple question, sin entered the world and we still wrestle with this same simple question to try and make our way back to the Garden.

Satan still tempts us today in the exact same way with promises of fulfilment, beauty, and enlightenment. He wants us to look for more than God, to treasure more than our childhood in him.

But in his cunning way, he never asks us outright to doubt God.

He plants little potent seeds of doubt in our heads about God and his goodness. These lies do not seem like blatant heresy. They actually seem plausible. The questions Satan poses appear benign but end up infiltrating our human ego to search for a life that is little more, a little better and a little greater.

There are many lies at the devil’s disposal, but we will focus on eight of them as discussed in our Book Club book “The Gospel According to Satan: Eight lies that sound like the truth” by Jared C. Wilson.

  1. God just wants you to be happy
  2. You only live once
  3. You need to live your truth
  4. Your feelings are reality
  5. Your life is what you make it
  6. Let go and let God
  7. The cross is not about wrath
  8. God helps those who help themselves

Which of these lies have you believed in the past?

Which lies do you still think are true?

Which lie are you looking forward to dispelling?

Let me know in the comments.

Here is what you can look forward to in this study:

We will get together for a virtual book club gathering on Thursday 9 September at 7 pm, and most Thursdays during this study.

RSVP here:

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If you still need to buy your copy of the book have a try one of these bookstores:

CUM Books (The book is on sale now for R190)

Amazon (Audiobook/ebook or hard copy)

Google Play Books

Exclusive Books

I can’t wait to discover the truth with you during this book club!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the books studied by Nettie’s Book Club. I am not profiting from the sale of these books. I will carefully select books that have had a significant impact on my faith. My goal is simply to share the wisdom in these books with others so we can assess and apply the wisdom of these authors to grow in understanding of our faith together.


  • Chantelle

    I’ve actually believed all those lies, except really #2… or not completely… I don’t feel that’s a free pass to just do whatever you want. And also not #7, but I’d need to delve deeper into what that actually means.
    I’m really looking forward to uncover and getting better understanding of all these other statements and find out why they are lies.

    • Lynette

      Thanks for being so honest, Chantelle. These lies are so sneaky that they sound like they could be true and that is why it is important to unpack them and fight them with the truth. I’m looking forward to exploring the truth with you in the coming weeks. Thanks for your loving support.

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