Who is Nettie?

Welcome, dear friend! My name is Lynette. My band calls me Nettie.

I dreamed about starting a blog for ten years and finally took the plunge in 2019 after my brother-in-law dared me to publish my first post within a week.

I am still learning that my Heavenly Father loves me even with all my faults and failings. Through many battles of faith, Yahweh is teaching me to trust him, surrender my will to him and grow as an apprentice of Jesus. I want to share these lessons with fellow pilgrims as we journey to eternity with Jesus.

Carl is handing Lynette a flower with a loving embrace

I live in South Africa with my Prince Charlie and our two Beagle girls Daisy & Dory. My Prince and I have battled infertility for six years and also suffered a failed adoption. I am a mom to three emby-babies and a set of unadopted twin boys who I look forward to meeting in heaven someday. I still pray and dream about holding my own children in my arms this side of eternity. I am loved and supported by a large family, biologically, in-law and in faith.

Lynette making conducting movements in front of a carousel

If I wasn’t working as an optometrist, I would probably have been a professional musician. I enjoy singing, conducting the church choir and training young conductors.

I dream of publishing a book (or two) in the not too distant future.

Lynette and Carl standing in front of Golden gate bridge

I love big and small celebrations of life, whether it is organizing a party, enjoying a delicious meal (with lots of wine) or going on an adventure with my Prince. I enjoy running and living a healthy lifestyle but I also enjoy indulging in anything made with good quality chocolate.

Lynette holding colourful balloons in front of a stone wall

I hope this blog inspires your body, mind and soul!

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