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Living the Gospel Life Together

In this introduction to his letter, Apostle Paul illustrates the hallmarks of a worthy Christian life. Matt Chandler breaks it down into three aspects: a) to stand firm as one in the spirit, b) to strive side by side, and c) to live a fearless life. This worthy life is a life that contradicts all aspects of our culture and is the kind of life that makes the Enemy tremble.

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We wrap up week 2 of Nettie’s Book Club/Bible Study of Paul’s letter to the Philippians and Matt Chandler’s book To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain with more reflection questions on Philippians 1 and another video teaching by Matt Chandler.

Reflection Questions

Download Part 2 of the Nettie’s Book Club Study Guide here:

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In case you missed it – here is part 1:

Teaching Video

Here is Session Two by Matt Chandler, discussing The Worthy Life.

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