Birthday cake for second birthday

Christopher’s Cool Car Party

This week my adorable nephew turned two years old!

I can’t believe how time has flown, yet when I look at how much he has grown and developed in the last year I stand amazed.

My sister did a great job organizing a car-themed birthday party for him, with bunting and a robot (traffic light) balloon arrangement to boot. My Mom even baked him a vegan cake, which was the highlight of his day.

I volunteered for two of the DIY projects.

Firstly, I made a beverage dispensers that resembled petrol cans. I bought 3 clear water dispensers from the Crazy Plastics store and spray painted them with three different colours. I was careful to double seal the lids to make sure no paint got into the containers.

This is the final result.
Here they are at the party, filled with refreshing drinks.
(Photo credit: Serina Shot Me)

Here is a link to the labels I designed for the beverage dispensers:

The big project I tackled was the car photo booth. I completely underestimated this project and probably put way too much effort into something that was just a prop. But seeing Christopher’s reaction was worth it.

Pinterest is full of inspiration for this task, but I used the picture below as my inspiration for all the parts:

The first challenge was finding a cardboard box big enough to sculpt a car out of. Fortunately, our one practice is located near a cycling shop that throws out the boxes of bicycles purchased and assembled in their store. I scavenged and came out victorious.

…And after

Every element is cut from the cardboard box including the body of the car, the roof, the bumper, and the grill. The grill and bumper were sprayed with silver spray paint and the body and roof with lots and lots of red paint. The “legs” the box was standing on was sprayed black to resemble wheels. The Mazda badge was a nod to my own car (which I’m in love with). The headlights consisted of a silver circle cut from cardboard with a real working battery-operated light glued in the middle. The steering wheel is also sprayed black. I made a personalized number plate using a license plate font I downloaded for free, as well as their family crest instead of our provincial crest. Everything is held together by the magic of a glue gun.

This photobooth prop created a lot of fun during the party.

It is so rewarding celebrating special occasions with kids. They just appreciate everything so much and the delight on their faces makes it all more than worth it.

Happy birthday Christopher!

Baie liefde, Nettie & Carl

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