drive by baby shower

A drive-by baby shower for a princess

One of the many things this pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate is how we celebrate. I love planning parties and pride myself on being our family’s resident events coordinator. I had the privilege to arrange my baby sister’s baby shower for her miracle princess Isabella. It was quite a challenge for me this time around but I was assisted by a fantastic team of grannies- and aunties-to-be and on the day all the grandpa’s and uncles came together to make a safe Covid-friendly party a reality.

All the gifts at baby shower

The mommy-to-be fancied the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme but the daddy-to-be insisted on adding pink to the day for his princess. So we went with a combination of teal and pink in various shades incorporating the formalities in the dress-code of the family. The ladies wore black dresses and pearls and the gentlemen (who hate dressing up) each got a t-shirt with a tuxedo print on the front which they loved. Each family member got a rosette (inspired by posts like this one) with their title like “Granny” or “Uncle” followed by their names.

My mom made a custom belt for my sister to accessorize her outfit even further.

Do not open tag at baby shower

The décor consisted of draping the gazebos with borrowed white table cloths and tying teal and pink ribbons on the front. The tables were accessorised with the same teal and pink lace. The “Oh Baby” and “Isabella” wooden signs were expertly made by Formarelli Stencil Design. All accessories for the photobooth like cushions, overlays and tea set were from various family cupboards.

For the drive-by shower, we treated the guests with water bottles beautifully decorated by Yvonne (the other granny-to-be) and popcorn which my sister and her husband popped and poured in plastic milkshake cups with lids from Crazy Plastics (similar to this).

Every family attending the drive-by shower got a box of the most beautiful and delicious and macaroons you will ever taste by Sweetie-Pie treats. The cupcakes were made by Elna de Waal and they were almost too stunning to eat until you taste them. Our family are red velvet cupcake connoisseurs and these cupcakes were up there with the best. All labels and printing were done by Label & Litho.

After the drive-by shower, the close family watched the soon-to-be parents opening presents while enjoying G&T’s and generous snacks by 180 degrees.

We planned the day around a drive-by shower in the cul-de-sac outside my parents’ complex. Guests were invited to drive by, drop off presents and spend some time with the expectant parents. While they enjoyed some delicious treats they also took photos with the happy couple before bidding their goodbyes.

sisters at baby shower
Three sisters

While the drive-by shower was going on we played games on a WhatsApp group created for the purpose of the day. We would share a series of emoji’s that would represent a nursery rhyme and the guests would guess what the nursery rhyme would be. (This game was inspired by posts like this). A second game we played on the group was a series of questions where we asked guests to guess which one of the parents would be most likely to do certain things relating to the new bundle of joy. (Inspiration for this game came from this post and this one). The guests all participated and it sparked some funny interactions regarding the new parents and their personalities. I didn’t think it would be so much fun but was pleasantly surprised.

At the drive-by shower, the guests also filled in advice cards for the new parents that were inspired by posts such as this one.

After the drive-by part of the shower, we quickly packed up and moved the celebration inside with just close family present in person and the rest of the guests watching on Google Meet. This was expertly arranged by the excited uncle- and aunty-to-be on the daddy’s side. Many of the guests that couldn’t make the drive-by shower also joined virtually while mommy- and daddy-to-be opened a mountain of gifts fit for a princess. While the virtual shower was going on guests played a game of Bingo. Each guest received their own Bingo card per e-mail the day before and the guests in person each got a printout.

Here is a free download of the Bingo cards below. You can fill in the baby’s name to personalise the game. (You can find more inspiration for this game in posts like this.)

Click on the link to download the file for free

Looking back, I wouldn’t have done anything differently and can see the value in doing baby showers (and other celebrations) like this in the future, even after the pandemic. It is concise and everyone is entertained for a short period we spend together, without the risk of boredom. It is more cost-effective and it is a way to share in the joy of the happy couple without putting anyone in a prolonged uncomfortable situation. You don’t need a lot of space either.

I want to extend a special thanks to all Isabella’s soon-to-be grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as her excited nephew Christopher for all the excellent teamwork without which this day would not have been possible.

Now we look forward to welcoming princess Isabella into the family soon.

Baby Isabella drawing
This pretty illustration was purchased from Divine Digital Diva on Etsy.

Can’t wait!

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